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Contemporary modern art by Shane McCoubrey creates a visual wonderland to compliment any beautiful home, corporate or private office space.
Creating a unique statement is the most important aspect of our portfolio of artworks.

The medium of landscape art has been transformed by new ways of using paint, plaster, resin, gold leaf, inks, sprays and diamond dust. Innovative use of materials combined with old style application creates a new twist to a classic format of capturing nature on canvas through texture and colour.
The understanding of landscape painting has been turned on its head....originally laid down by the Great Italian Masters and JMW Turner in earlier centuries.

The abstract artworks portfolio resemble rocks sliced from vast mountain ranges or sheer cliffs of exposed minerals formed billions of years ago when the earth was still young. Imagine the earth being scratched by glaciers, cracked by earthquakes and polished by huge flowing Jurassic rivers. That is the basis of each individual piece. The modern beauty of NASA space images such as 1000 mile dust storms on Jupiter and the birth of stars in distant nebulae add another inspirational element to the art collection.

These contemporary abstract paintings are a great compliment to any beautiful home .Our HOME VISIT service adds the essential unique final bespoke element to your rooms.. Shane's aim was always to combine his design knowledge of interiors , fashion and art - having worked for superstar designers and celebrities - and to create his own personal vision on a collision course with canvas or metal.
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latest ideas in work today

a number of new ideas have been put into work based on:

  • rocks samples found at Carrousel de Louvre mineral shop In Paris
  • the Northern Lights visual feast in the Artic Circle
  • lakes and reflection in British Columbia
  • new techniques for painting mountain rocks and peaks



what you need to know



the basis of creating exclusive artworks or luxury items is to show how it cannot be found anywhere else on the High Street or any of the other art galleries worldwide.

in order to create a combined vision and understanding of the client's needs, we firstly see the room space, measure the area where its going to hang and discuss colours and inspiration through personal images, places or objects that will inspire.

it is all under the understanding that the artwork is a one off and cannot be a replica of another piece. Uniqueness is central to the brand.

international orders

crating is the usual standard way of ensuring the safe travel of the pieces across the world by international shipping courier taking 3 to 5 days

the protection of the artworks is crucial to the buying process and we ensure it arrives safely. the pieces have been shipped to usa, europe hong kong and moscow.

in england the artworks are usually delivered by van personally by shane to ensure that the client is happy with the final product


videos of closeups of artworks in the middle of being created or finished hanging in an interior is a personal viewpoint of the artist and can be accessed on site map.

comments are welcome on my instagram, facebook or twitter pages which are linked to this website under connect below.


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